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Epoxy flooring

Epoxy Flooring 

Are you looking for a flooring solution for your home that can both dazzle your guests and still provide the protection needed for dealing with the obstacles that come with daily life? Maybe you need a flooring system that works as hard as you do to keep your company in the black. No matter what your needs may be, our epoxy flooring systems are sure to please so let us tell you why.


The Installation Proces Of Epoxy Flooring

We take the installation process of our epoxy flooring seriously unlike other contractors in Georgia. We only use the best tools with techniques that have been proven to make our epoxies last as long as possible. We start by giving the concrete slab a deep cleaning to remove all hidden dirt and stains before we begin to prepare the slab. We use diamond wheel grinders to profile the slab and do a general assessment before we start installing the epoxy with trowels or squeegees.

The Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

Ready to see why epoxy flooring is rapidly becoming one of the top concrete coatings on the market? Down below, you’ll find a few of the benefits that make epoxy flooring so special:

  • Epoxies are one of the most durable coatings on the market with resistance to physical damage like dropped objects, heavy foot or vehicle traffic and even the use of heavy machinery.
  • Along with the resistance to physical damage, the seamless and nonporous finish of epoxy renders it immune to damage from chemical sources from common chemicals like degreasers, battery acid, and even harsh cleaners.
  • One of the best features of epoxy is the long service life that it offers. With our professional installation on proper maintenance on your part, you can expect our epoxies to last 20-30 years!

Contrary to popular belief, epoxy flooring offers one of the most customizable finishes on the market and as one of the top epoxy flooring installers in Georgia, we offer more options for customization than our competitors including an endless selection of base colors, mono or multi-colored flakes, metallic pigmentation and even the application of logos into the epoxy coating.

Maintaining Epoxy Coatings

Both home and business owners agree that the maintenance protocol of epoxy flooring is hard to beat. Our systems offer carefree maintenance so you can focus on the things that need attention, not cleaning your flooring. Epoxy floors will never require any messy waxes or expensive polishing materials, you only need a few basic tools. What you will need is a soft bristle broom; or dust mop, a standard wet mop, and a PH neutral cleaner to make any pesky greases come off with ease!

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Systems We Offer

As one of the top epoxy flooring installers in Georgia, we offer more variations of epoxy than our competitors such as:

Commercial Epoxy-Our commercial epoxies have been approved by the USDA for facilities like food and beverage processing to medical. Epoxy offers a no VOC rated finish that also resists the growth of mold and mildew.

Metallic Epoxy-We are one of the few epoxy contractors to have training and experience to install the coveted flooring, metallic epoxy that offers visual effects like waves, fire, and even lava.

Garage Floor Epoxy- Is one of the most popular coatings on the market for its ability to transform any garage it is placed in from dark and gloomy to warm and full of excitement; not to mention it can increase the value of your home!