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Pool Deck Resurfacing 

Has your pool deck seen better days? Have years of summer foot traffic finally begun to wear down your concrete pool deck? Where other concrete contractors will tell you the only way to bring your deck back to its former glory is to replace your entire pool deck, we know that there are better ways to get around wear and tear. With our pool deck resurfacing service, we can make your pool deck the oasis you deserve without having to break the bank doing so.

Pool deck resurfacing is a process where we save your concrete pool deck with a coating of our advanced micro-topping, filling and hiding all the imperfections on your deck while you get the option to customize your deck with a blank canvas. Ready to see what our pool deck resurfacing service can do for you and your home? We have everything that you need to know down below.


Materials Used In Pool Deck Resurfacing

Stamped Concrete- Stamped concrete is by far the most popular coatings that are used for this process as it provides a thick layer of protection to keep the repairs made out of harm’s way. We provide a wide range of stamps for our stamped concrete so you can choose between finishes like natural stone, intricate paver patterns, and even slate! We also offer stains in unison with our stamps to provide depth to the coating to make it appear even more realistic.
Artistic Overlays – With an artistic overlay, you aren’t getting the same level of protection of a stamped concrete overlay, but you can get finishes that are unmatched by any other concrete coating. We offer the use of different techniques to make all of our overlays one of a kind with trowel burnishing, different colors of pigments and a customizable selection of sealers.
Rustic Wood Concrete – Have you always wanted a wooden pool deck but were always deterred from the harsh maintenance required and the high cost of wood that can be used outside? Well, with our rustic wood-concrete, you can have the best of both worlds, the aesthetics of wood with the durability of concrete. We make our stamps to craft rustic wood concrete from real wooden planks so our coatings look almost exactly like natural hardwood.

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Benefits Of Pool Deck Resurfacing

So now that you know about what you can use to create the pool deck of your dreams, let’s show you what our process can do for you besides provide amazing aesthetics so you can find a few benefits down below:

  • Homeowners have reported that resurfacing their pool deck has increased the value of their home by upwards of 5%.
  • By resurfacing your pool deck, you can refresh some benefits that may have worn down over the years like slip and skid resistance or even the heat deflection of the deck by decreasing the temperature of the deck by 30 degrees.
  • By resurfacing your concrete, you can make it last substantially longer as we fill all cracks, cutting out any water that finds its way under the deck, washing away supporting soils and decreasing the structural integrity of the slab.

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As one of the top-rated pool deck resurfacing companies in Georgia, you can rely on our solid reputation to know that our pool decks are built to last. We never cut any corners when it comes to our services by making sure that we only use the highest grade materials, using professional tools and using our experience to make sure your project goes to plan. If you want to save thousands of dollars and weeks of time compared to replacing your concrete, give us a call today so we can give you a free no-obligation quote!